Consider Kanban To Visualize Work, Balance Workflow, and Coordinate with Less Stress

Kanban is a method to help a team visualize work, balance the flow of work, and collectively understand priorities. You may have heard of it in the context of Agile Framework for software development, but the method is worth considering for any type of project.

The Kanban board surfaces all the work on a single page. This board becomes a framework for iterative and rational discussions about what to work on next. It allows everyone to be on the same “sheet of music” and thereby reduces stress. Using Kanban can also help explain the status of the work to management in a clear way.

My favorite tools for digital Kanban boards are MeisterTask and XMind. I then link the Kanban tiles to projects in Basecamp 3 where people collaborate to execute projects.

Learn More…

To help you wrap your head around the concept quickly watch this video. It’s development focused but will give you a sense for Kanban as a methodology. It’s also a sales video are more comprehensive Kanban solution if that’s what you are after.

Here is a good mindmap on Kanban vs. Scrum by Laura Bârlădeanu. It highlights some of the advantages of Kanban.

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