Mark Mosher at the VIP Reception for Denver’s Open Doors. Denver’s Union Station

About Undiscovered Rediscovered.

This is my blog for capturing thought provoking reads on a wide variety of topics along with documenting some of my public mindmaps where I’ve summarized a topic I’ve been studying. My goal is to write posts that I think might inspire and inform others in their journey. I’ll throw in some photos and sound journals along the way.

About Mark Mosher

By day I’m a Senior Manager & Business Technology Analyst. In my current position, I’m the Senior Manager of Global Collaboration for a fortune 200 corporation. Check out my portfolio here.

By night I’m a Synthesist, Keyboardist, and Performer (see Westword Magazine’s “Twelve of Colorado’s Top Synthesists“), and founder of the 580+ strong Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. In addition to this blog, I’ve been blogging on synth tech & technique for over 10 years on Modulate This!.

I’m a lifelong learner with a passion for creativity in business and the rest of life. I love slow travel and museums. I also have an enthusiasm for photo and sound journaling.

I have been mindmapping my explorations for many years; both on paper and using digital mindmapping tools such as MindMeister. I’m a certified XMind Master which I use for Kanban agile framework and Gantt charts.

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