Archives (Catch-Up From the Beginning)

Welcome to the archives. Blog posts on this page are in date order since launch – so a great way for new readers to catch up from the beginning.

  1. The Pirate Compensation Model Mindmap (5/13/2017)
  2. The Idle Traveler and the Art of Slow Travel (5/13/2017)
  3. “Welcome to Flatland” – Valve Software Employee Handbook (5/17/2017)
  4. “It Is a Great Art to Saunter” (5/25/2017)
  5. Consider Kanban To Visualize Work, Balance Workflow, and Coordinate with Less Stress (6/2/2017)
  6. Rework – Great Read on Work, Operating Models, and Organizational Design (6/16/2017)